Two small projects finally getting to construction

New North RoadYesterday, we’ve had confirmation that next Monday will be the start for two small, but long-awaited cycle construction projects on two of our main arterial roads – New North Road and Ponsonby Road:

  • A southbound cycle lane from Symonds Street to New North Road through the intersection of Mt Eden Road (we will get the northbound lane in the future sometime – in the meantime, the dodgiest movement for cyclists at this intersection will be a lot safer)
  • The bike corral in Ponsonby Road will also now finally be implemented after issues with sourcing some specified materials were overcome.

The road widening on New North Road at Porters Avenue – to remove a cyclist pinch point – has been delayed again for a bit, but this time, it is due to CAA, not AT – we wanted a further tweak to be made to get some more width.

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