… this is an invite to a pipe bridge opening!

Bayswater Opening

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One response to “This is not a pipe (bridge)…

  1. Another good event with the opening of another great up grade of cycle/walking infrastructure which was long overdue for such a well used route,there was a good turn out from locals and not so locals. AT had their table of give aways and infomation,but they failed again on the Auckland Cycle Route Maps they had maps for east, west, south, and inner city but not one for the north shore!The guy at the AT table was the same guy that was at the Unsworth cycleway opening and I asked him if he could sort it out before the next event….come on AT up your game! ,at the next cycle/walkway opening I will be there and will ask again for a North Shore Cycle route map (the guy next door to me has taken to riding off road cycle routes all over Auckland but not on the North Shore because he can’t find a North Shore map)I did give him the Takapuna /Devonport green route map and he rode it today, when he got home he came over to thank me for the map and said it was real cool way to get to Devonport he was impressed with the new bridge.

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