OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd yes, there are 19 ways. Probably even more.

As a traffic engineer, or cyclist, I wouldn’t support all of the ones shown here – but it shows there are so many ways to make cycling safer. Lets get some into Auckland. Beach Road will only be the beginning (and it could use some planter boxes in the final design).

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6 responses to “There must be… 19 ways to protect your bike lane…

  1. I think the one with the bike parking is fantastic. Such a great way to use space.

    I dont think much of the high fence in LA. Very unfriendly.

    On a positive note I have seen a lot more staple bike stands around the CBD in the last few weeks, especially down Queen Street. They are being well used too – great to see.

  2. I really like the modular kerbs from Texas (the oil state – go figure). It is key to remember that anything higher than where a pedal can move without touching (planters), or where handlebars can be impeded (fencing) therefore restricts the total width available to any bike riders. Even those kerbs might be a bit high.

    Here is a link to some ‘zebra’ delineators. http://www.trafficsafetystore.com/road-markers/lane-delineators

    Agree with the bike parking Ben. I also don’t mind the concept of using car parking as long as the parking isn’t bunched as is common in NZ. There need to be gaps for visibility.

  3. Talking of bike lanes are there any plans by AT to install signs as is very common in US cities that state “Cyclist may take full lane” I’m getting sick of Auckland drivers who attempt to run you off the road because I cycle in the middle. Even on load speed roads like Princes Street in which it would be completely dangerous to do anything else I get abused. It’s amazing how parochial NZ is in comparison to the US.

    1. Closest to what you describe would probably sharrow road markings planned for some cycle routes.

      I wouldn’t put my stock in signs anyway. We need better infrastructure AND attitude change both. Signs don’t prevent people speeding, they won’t prevent abuse…

  4. How about white plastic or orange markers every few meters built on a bendy rubber mount so if car hits, it will fold over. Size 300-400 high. Roughly same thickness as a plastic road marker.

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