The pope encourages cycling

Pope Francis has recently encouraged nuns and priests to cycle, extolling the virtues of bicycles as a means of transport. He condemned flashy cars as against the humble and non-materialistic ideals of the Church. The pope mentioned that his own secretary, a Monsigneur, cycles to work every day by bicycle.

Jesus seemed to prefer to travel by mule or walk but I imagine a modern Jesus may well have entered Jerusalem on a bicycle. It would certainly have fit with his message of rejecting worldly goods.

Our Lord on a bicycle – Mules are so, like, B.C.

The Pope would of course join a growing list of celebrities spotted on bikes, especially fuelled by the success of CitiBikes in New York. These include Leonardo Di Caprio (an an electric bike no less!), Helena Bonham Carter (on a tricycle with her children), a young Audrey Hepburn, Kirsten Dunst, Matthew McConnaughey (sans t-shirt so one for the ladies there), Helen Christensen (of course she is half-Danish), Marisa Tomei (on a tandem with her beau), our own Anna Paquin, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

So would you like a taste of Hollywood glamour? Get on your bike!

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