The Guardian on Cycling in Auckland: Still a way to go!

A recent online article in The Guardian highlights how cycle-unfriendly Auckland still appears to a visitor – and how few cyclists there are around, especially in our city centre (which ironically, probably has MORE cyclists than the suburbs).

While the article notes that we have made some gains in recent times, the gaps many of us still (have to) take for granted – like no cycle access on the Harbour Bridge – are described as striking people from the UK as rather obvious, especially in the face of our car-dominated transport system, and our population’s obesity issues.

The Guardian is one of the oldest major newspapers in the UK, and their online section is the second most popular online newsmedia source over there, with about 50 million monthly users. Wouldn’t it be great for Aucklanders (and a nice boost for Auckland’s tourist economy) if all those UK readers could in the future read a story about Auckland’s transformation to a more cycle-friendly city? Melbourne has already massively gained from such a transformation.

So how about a city of cycles – how about a city that has a New Zealand Cycle Trail route? That would take locals and tourists by bike from Auckland Airport to the City Centre, then on to the planned Waiheke Cycle Trail, and from there by ferry to the Coromandel? All these routes are on the drawing board with Auckland Transport and Auckland Council, and the needed cycleways are either planned or already built – we only need to act.

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