So. Here we are again, at Level 3, doing the right thing by staying local and sticking to our bubbles for exercise and daily essentials.

Last lockdown, with Aucklanders flocking to enjoy low-traffic streets, more than 300 of you helped us count bikes all over the city, painting a picture of how eager people are to cycle locally, the minute it feels safe to do so.

Altogether, our community counted 22,968 traffic movements, consisting of 3626 on bikes, 8307 on foot and 11,035 in vehicles. At Bike Auckland, we’ve used this data and your stories to accelerate the push for more fit-for-purpose cycleways and low-traffic neighbourhoods across the city.

And we’re ready to do it again!

This time, we’ve made it even easier for you to take part, with a new digital form. Now you just need 15 minutes and your phone/tablet, and you can ensure your part of town is represented.


We’ve also updated our paper form, so if you’re old-school – or the kids want to get creative – you can download and print it out, ready for a spot of citizen science.

Here’s the printable form:  Backyard-Bike-Count-Survey-v3

Remember, all it takes is 15 minutes to put your bikeable backyard on the map. It’s as easy as this: pick your location, set a timer, grab your tablet/ phone or pencil and paper, and get counting!

Feel free to do more than one count, to capture different locations, times, days – or weather. We’ll be running the count through Level 3, and we really look forward to your reports flooding in.

Thanks for helping us make bikes count! 

Some of our Backyard Bike Counters from last lockdown, reaching new heights in Onehunga!
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