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Raised crossings, raised expectations

Work has begun at last on the Western Springs shared path improvements across the motorway on and off-ramps, and past the petrol station and the famous Pohutukawa Six opposite MOTAT. […]

Jun 12, 2019
Beefed-up buffers – new protection for bike lanes

St Lukes Rd is getting its promised bike lane buffers at the moment, and the response has been instant and positive. ‘Upgrade to substandard St Lukes bike lane starts‘ was the headline in […]

Protected lanes on St Lukes Road – feedback now!

Auckland Transport is proposing to add protection to the bike lanes on St Lukes Road between the motorway interchange and the intersection with New North Road. This is a great leap forward which […]

Feb 09, 2017
On being happy with Auckland Transport three times

As we wrote in a previous blog, the sheer volume of projects coming out of Auckland Transport at any given time means that there are bound to be quite a few that aren’t that […]

Sep 26, 2016

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