Saint Mary’s Bay residents to vote on SkyPath

Making WayIt wasn’t so long ago that most editorialists were calling cycling an outdated form of transport, and were mocking the idea of a walk & cycleway over the Harbour Bridge, claiming all sorts of nonsense like “they will get blown off the bridge”.

Now, the tide has turned, and more and more media asks the right questions – why isn’t this in place yet, when it costs so little & offers so much? For those who missed the brilliant piece about SkyPath recently on Campbell Live, head over to their website and watch the short movie!

Also, if you are a Saint Mary’s Bay resident, we suggest you join the Saint Mary’s Bay Resident’s Association and go along to their AGM on the 25th of July, where they will pass – or not – a resolution on SkyPath. Show everyone that local residents CAN see the benefits, and change the conversation to how this can work for everyone.

So if you are a resident, please go to their AGM (details here) and vote for SkyPath – note that you will have to join the Association to do so. The SMBA says that you can do so on the night, but just so everything is above-board, it may be best to contact the secretary of the SMBA in advance, telling her you would like to join and providing your address.

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