Sky to Sea – Airport to Auckland Video

Sky to Sea – Airport to Auckland Video

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This article was written in 2012, and may no longer be relevant. More specifically, the actual route link no longer works. Until we develop a new route relevant to the 2020s, you can map your route from the Auckland Bike Map here 🙂  

OK so you’ve decided to come to New Zealand and soak up some of the magic at the bottom of the South Pacific and maybe you’ve even chosen a few NZ trails to do.

You’re gonna need a bike! If you decide to bring your own you’ll need to ride from Auckland Airport to the Central City. It’s about 20km, which is not too crazy (unless you just flew 16 hours in tourist class…). However, there’s still a lot of intersections to negotiate before you reach your goal. And 50+ volcanoes also mean that the route could easily be hilly, while the two large harbours can make for a confusing road network.

So Cycle Action has put our collective experience together to suggest a suitable route. It is a comfortable 90 minute ride, but you could take a whole day if you want to explore along the way. This video shows interesting sites that are close to the suggested route. These are also marked on a dedicated Google Map.

Wherever possible we have suggested flat quiet roads. If you don’t want to ride all the way catch the train at Onehunga (Onehunga also has a friendly bike shop and quite a few stores for anything that you could need on your travels).

This ride works just as well for leaving Auckland, but either direction it would be worth avoiding the busy commuter hours. The ride finishes on Karangahape Road in central Auckland and there are many accommodation options nearby.

Do you have friends thinking about coming to New Zealand to explore by bike? Please let them know about this fun way to start their riding adventure.

The original direct route map has been lost to time. We do aim to recreate it in the future. For now, you can manually plan a route using the Auckland Bike Map.

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