Auckland Council has just released a summary document about the submissions to the Long Term Plan and the Regional Land Transport Program. Pages 28 and 53 are especially interesting.

The Council’s rail plans got a good bit of criticism (mainly because of the price tag – which I personally feel is crazy when you think that in the same time period we will be spending several times that amount on new motorways alone, and few complain about the debt we are taking on for those – but I digress…).

The good thing is that cycling featured very strongly and favourably in the submissions, wth particular support for a Harbour Bridge Cycleway (very timely) and the need for more emphasis on protected, safe cycle facilities (i.e. more than paint). Our concern that only a pitiful 0.8% of the budget is being spent on walking & cycling was also picked up by a lot of submitters. All in all, a great response by Auckland for cycling. Let’s hope it moves some votes when it comes to finalising the funding for the next years.

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