Scare the mongers – support a better Unitary Plan

Scare the mongers – support a better Unitary Plan

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Screen ShotA lot of real questions – and some totally overblown hysteria – has been created by the Unitary Plan.

Like all change, it can be a bit scary at times – but engaging with what it actually means tends to always help with that.

Council has provided a list debunking false claims about the Unitary Plan – but what we would like you to do is something more positive: We want you to support the good parts of the plan, and show the politicians that Aucklanders can see how their city can improve.

There’s a lot in the plan that could help cycling as well, and CAA is doing a comprehensive feedback submission. However, we didn’t have time to provide a quick guide for our friends and members. Thankfully, Generation Zero has gone one better, and provided a handy-dandy form in which you can simply “tick” all the major ideas that you agree with, and then they will make the submission for you. Easy.

Quick Submission Form, Generation Zero

Please take the 1 minute to support things like reducing mandatory car parking everywhere. Because with too many cars, there’s not enough space left for bikes!

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