Last updated August 5, 2018 10:20 AM

Tole Reserve in Ponsonby has a teensy-tiny ride track for really small riders and scooters.

There is an adjacent playground, and a wee free library for parents to browse (bring a book, take a book).

There’s a long smooth path through the park and a natural amphitheatre to play in, and toilets are accessible at the Ponsonby Community Centre on Ponsonby Terrace, which backs onto the park.

(There’s also a gnarly vintage skatebowl – fun to watch teenagers doing skateboard and BMX tricks, but the bowl itself is not for the fainthearted!)

View of the shallow bowl from the Tole Street entrance


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Kids Rides
Suitable for:
  • Absolute Beginner
  • Learner (balance bike, trainer wheels)
  • Confident child (pedal bike - no trainer wheels)
  • Scooter
Time required:
15 minutes
Are there steep sections?
Yes, but you can easily avoid those areas
Toilet AvailableToilet
Playground AvailablePlayground
Other amenities:
Clarence Street is probably the best option, as its further away from Ponsonby Road. Next most likely is probably Ponsonby Terrace. If you can nab a spot on Tole Street, its very convenient and you'll be close to Ponsonby Road.
Transport required:
  • Bike
  • Drive
Weather dependent:
Kids visible at all times?
Suitable for keeping multiple kids visible?
Watch out for:
The skate bowl! It looks like lots of fun for the teenagers and adults doing their tricks, but too gnarly for the littlies.
Tips from locals:
Bring a book to swap at the little library, and after a bike ride and play at the playground, head up Tole Street to Ponsonby Road for some retail therapy or a meal.