danielnewcombeBiking is catching on as a transport choice for Aucklanders – and we know lots more would love to try it. Sometimes it’s great to know someone else has been there before you, gotten through the initial questions, or had a especially brilliant idea about how to work bikes into the equation of everyday life. Read on!

Great bike stories

  • How Jessica got back on her bike… and wound up with a whole bunch of them!
  • How Teau took up biking, changed himself, and changed his ‘hood.
  • Getting on a bike sets Simon’s thoughts flying. We love his stories about childhood hijinks, watching his daughter learn to ride, and why biking’s for the birds.
  • Carol is a 3rd-generation bike fan, bringing Cambridge style to Auckland.
  • Daniel reckons he’s just a dad on a bike… but with this electrified bike, Auckland is his oyster.
  • A little goes a long way at Bikes for Refugees. Read how a bike changed Joelle’s life.
  • Leery of lycra? Pop over to Auckland Bike Style to see gorgeous people in gorgeous clothes just getting about on bikes.
  • So not into speed? The Wheeled Pedestrian is a big fan of life in the slow lane.
  • Want a pump track in your neighbourhood? Read about families creating bike tracks in their local parks, in Grey Lynn and out west.
  • You wont believe how Chris and his local soccer club took 40 cars off the street each weekend…

Bonus bike videos

And here’s a collection of quickfire talks from Auckland Pecha Kucha Night: Bike Edition 2015