wisteriaNWsmileyboyBike numbers

  • Auckland Transport keeps a monthly count of cyclists via automated counters on cycleways
  • AT also performs annual counts, done in person around the city
  • AT conducts an annual survey of walking and biking trends – read our take on the 2015 numbers.
  • There’s been a steep drop in the number of kids biking (and walking) to school across the country across the last few decades, with knock-on effects on child health and road congestion. (It’s been estimated that getting walking and cycling back to 1989 levels ‘would remove 100,000 cars from the road each morning’!)

Benefits of biking

  • A fantastic set of links from Island Bay Cycleway on how biking is good for everyone
  • From the Guardian: “A city or country where lots of people cycle is (much) healthier, and happier and more social, less isolated, less polluted, significantly safer, and more welcoming to human beings, notably the old and young.”

Benefits of protected bike lanes

Bike law

  • Worth having at your fingertips: the NZ Road Code for cyclists, including helmet use.
  • If you’re carrying bikes on the back of your car, your number plate must still be visible. If it’s not, you’ll need a supplementary license plate. NZTA info here (scroll down), and you can order them from Licensys.

Bike safety