Want to give more of your team the choice of commuting by bike?

Could your employees avoid congestion by riding to meetings and appointments that are just a short pedal away?

Interested in supporting cycling as part of your sustainability objectives?

Give your organisation a competitive edge by becoming a Bike-Friendly Business. This programme from Bike Auckland makes it easy for you to encourage cycling in the workplace.

The Benefits

  • Recruit and retain top talent by offering a unique health and wellness benefit.
  • Cut absenteeism and staff turnover.
  • Reduce your company’s carbon footprint.
  • Look forward to healthier and happier employees.
  • Meet your health and safety commitments.
  • Reduce demand for on-site car parking.
  • Higher productivity and team loyalty.
  • Save money on travel and parking costs.

The Bike-Friendly Business Programme

Bike Auckland has the expertise you need to transition into a Bike-Friendly Business. Choose a business level and select programme offerings tailored to your needs:

  • Recognition from Bike Auckland on our website and on social media. A great way to boost your public profile and reach out to Bike Auckland’s community of over 30,000 supporters.
  • Customised workshops, bike tours, bike rentals and business consultations hosted by a Bike Auckland programme consultant, an accomplished city rider with a deep understanding of how to create cycling-friendly workplaces.
  • VIP event tickets.

Tailored to your needs, these offerings will:

  • Inspire your team about how easy and safe cycling can be.
  • Give your staff the skills to bike safely and with confidence.
  • Debunk riding myths and provide practical advice on buying, maintaining and storing personal and company bikes.
  • Help determine the best routes to and from the workplace.
  • Show you how to prepare your workplace for visitors on bikes.

Ready to Get Rolling?

Email us for more information.