This is not actually a road but a shared space – who would have guessed?

Auckland Transport will be releasing this media statement later today regarding amended access to Queens Wharf.

Changes to the entrance of Queens Wharf will boost safety for the increasing numbers of people visiting the area, including commuters, tourists and cruise ship visitors.

From today right hand turns onto Queens Wharf will be restricted to authorised vehicles such as emergency services, coaches related to cruise ships and large provisioning trucks.

Other motorists can still turn left onto and from Queens Wharf through the new unsignalised entrance located east of the current entrance. Right hand turns from Queens Wharf onto Quay Street are banned for all vehicles.

Vehicles travelling from the east can use the drop off area at Britomart or detour along Britomart Place, Customs Street East and Lower Albert Street to access Quay Street.

The upgrade is one of the early initiatives to improve Quay Street. It sits at the heart of Auckland’s downtown area, where significant improvements have been signalled in the Downtown Framework published earlier this month, to create more people-friendly spaces and reconnect the city with the waterfront.

There is also more information in this graphic document showing maps of how the new turning restrictions will work. The Transport Blog also did a detailed look at the new scheme a few weeks ago.

I go through this intersection almost every day and I really welcome the changes. Some of the behaviour of  people driving cars in this area approaches the psychopathic. It is Auckland auto entitlement at its very worst as people place themselves, and the hundreds of people walking and cycling in the area, in danger with crazy manoeuvres. Mostly to save a few seconds of travel time.

Kudos to AT for this revamp and we look forward to seeing Quay Street as a true multi-modal boulevard in the future.

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