The new GPS: a push for Skypath – and rebalancing priorities

The new GPS: a push for Skypath - and rebalancing prioritiesMedia Release: Final push for Skypath welcomed – Bike Auckland applauds Government’s rebalancing of transport priorities 6 April 2018 Bike Auckland is celebrating the government’s new draft land transport policy, which boosts cycling and walking investment and ensures the swift completion of Skypath and Seapath, fixing the crucial ‘missing link’ across Auckland’s harbour. People on both sides of the harbour have long shown overwhelming enthusiasm for being able to walk and bike over the Harbour Bridge. It’s now realistic to give this project the urgency required for it to be in place for the America’s Cup. Combined with a strong focus on public transport and safer travel on local roads, the …
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An update on SkyPath – a letter from the Chair

An update on SkyPath - a letter from the ChairOf all the questions I’m asked as Chair of Bike Auckland, top of the list is: ‘When, oh, when will we be able to bike and walk over the Auckland Harbour Bridge?’ This is a hot topic not just for those of us on bikes; it’s a fervent wish of most Aucklanders, and everyone who visits our beautiful city. Let’s be clear: this has been a glaring gap in our transport network ever since the bridge was constructed without the promised walking and cycling facilities. It’s a massive wrong, decades overdue for being put right. This isn’t just a missing tourism opportunity, it’s a missing link: as each part of our …
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Bringing history to light – an Auckland bikeway pioneer

Bringing history to light – an Auckland bikeway pioneerTamaki Drive’s famous cycleway turns 41 today. Despite showing its age a bit, it’s our jewel in the crown, and part of Auckland’s busiest bike route. To celebrate its birthday, we’d like to share some wonderful never-before-seen photos of opening day that recently came our way. The photos arrived in an email to Skypath champion Bevan Woodward from David Lewis, who signed himself “Birkenhead Resident and Passionate Skypath Believer”. As you’ll discover below, David has a very special connection to those early Auckland bike visionaries, who not only believed in miracles but managed to accomplish one. David’s words were so resonant we’ve included his message in full, along with the magical photos of the early believers. Do you recognize anyone? We’d love to …
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