Politics is too important to be left to politicians…

Last chance today – spend 3 mins to ask for more cycling!

Green…and if that is true, then it is even MORE important that funding is not left to the politicians to distribute as they like – but rather, as their voters want.

And we know you want more emphasis on cycling.

So here is the annual call for feedback into the Council’s funding plan for next year. Important things to note are that when you call for more money for cycling, remember that this is the Council’s plan, not the one for Auckland Transport. Therefore, if you want to support cycling in this plan, the key thing to do is focus on projects that Council themselves are (able to be) doing:

  • Ask for more cycle infrastructure in Council reserves or regional parks – lots of cycleways and proposed cycleways run through park land (the various Greenways schemes, for example, 1, 2), and thus are funded directly by Council. But often, we end up with narrow walking paths, because of lack of money for wide shared paths.
  • Support your Local Board’s cycling initiatives, or ask for such initiatives – local boards have their fingers to the pulse of Aucklanders wanting more safe cycling (or should have!), so tell them you support these schemes and ask for more!
    • Find the summary for your Local Board here. We have particularly would like to see support for cycle schemes of Waitemata, Puketapapa and Maungakiekie-Tamaki, but that’s not to say your local area doesn’t have projects deserving of support.
  • Update: And support the SkyPath project for a walk & cycleway over the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Deary me, how could we forget that one!

You can provide your submission on the Annual Plan here. Submissions close on Monday the 25th February!

Don’t be discouraged by the pre-formatted questions having little to do with transport. FEEL FREE TO NOT ANSWER QUESTIONS THAT YOU DON’T CARE ABOUT. Just remember the above, and consider to comment accordingly – we suggest primarily in Sections 4, 9 and 10.

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