What is Payroll Giving?

Bike Auckland is an approved IRD ‘Donee’ charity. That means you can donate directly to us via your payroll: your employer can deduct your regular donation from your pay (which reduces your PAYE by the appropriate tax credit), and then forward the donation to the recipient (that’s us).

For more details, see the IRD page on Payroll Giving.

Benefits for Bike Auckland

By making a regular donation – whether the equivalent of a flat white, or a more generous amount – you’ll be actively contributing to our mission to be the voice for people on bikes and make Auckland a joy to get around. As a volunteer-led charity that runs on membership dues and donated hours and resources, we make a little go a long way and we warmly welcome your support.

Benefits for you

Payroll Giving lets you easily make a difference for a charity of your choice, while saving you the palaver of holding onto receipts and making claims for rebates. Other benefits include:

  • Making a regular contribution via your pay means you can gift as much or as little as you like each time you’re paid.
  • No need for you to organise automatic payments or direct debits; that’s all done via the payroll.
  • No need to remember to claim your tax rebate each year, as this is done instantly whenever you make a donation.
  • Some workplaces will even make matching donations, thus doubling the impact of your generosity – be sure to ask!

How do I activate Payroll Giving?

Check with your Payroll Officer at work that they offer Payroll Giving, and let them know you’re keen to make a regular charitable donation to Bike Auckland Incorporated. Then contact us to confirm our bank account number and any other details.

Thank you for supporting us, and helping make a difference to how Aucklanders get around. Together, we’re on a (pay)roll!