Paul Steely WhiteAs promised, here we have the video of our great guest Paul Steely White, spellbinding several hundred listeners last week at the Auckland Conversations series.

So let Paul tell you – and other Aucklanders – about the “race to the top”, about how cycling is a key ingredient for a wonderful city.



[We had the honour of hosting this generous man over the last several days, and we seem to have made a great impression* before he headed on to Perth and Melbourne, because he’s already planning to come back to NZ to enjoy Kiwi company again and ride some of our cycle trails with his family.

*…despite him noting that the cycle advocates “were working him like a dog” during his visit here 😉 But hey, we couldn’t let that chance pass, could we?]

[Update: Here’s the link to a radio interview with Paul, for those who would like a bit more.]

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One response to “Paul Steely White – Streets for People video

  1. I had the pleasure of meeting Paul in person and he is such a genuine guy and obviously walks the talk. He did look knackered by Friday evening which is not surprising. He must have incredible stamina to make it that far with all the work he did while here.

    Great to hear that he will be back. An inspiration for all of us who want to make this a better city for cycling.

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