Orakei – parks for cycling?

Would you like to cycle in Orakei (Local Board)’s parks? Specifically Crossfield Reserve, Glover Park and Madills Farm? Then you should respond to this Council “have your say” survey.

Obviously, cycling will not be appropriate in all parks, and not in all areas. However, the (very pretty looking) masterplans for these park upgrades show various routes – mainly along the edges of the parks – which would be highly suitable for local residents, families and children on their bikes.

We therefore ask everyone to write in and ask for these parks to be made “cycleable” where possible. Cycleable paths should be wide enough (3m) to be shared with pedestrians at relaxed speeds, and should avoid stairs and steps (or where those exist, they should provide push channels for bikes to be easily moved up or down).

Faster cyclists (which will be the key concern for many non-cyclists) can be discouraged from such park routes by making them curve and meander a little here and there (especially where they go downhill), or by occasional switchback gates (which, if built right, work well to slow down cyclists without preventing bike access).

All these parks get / have car parking & road access. Why not also cycling access?

Some of these parks could offer lovely local rides and shortcuts for Aucklanders – so please share this around to your friends as well. Responses need to be in this Friday!

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