Two very welcome Northwestern Cycleway updates, via our prompt and lovely communications pal Sarah Price at NZTA. A new wide bridge replaces the skinny old “one-way bridge” just before Te Atatu. And look what’s planned for Patiki Rd – the detour will be worth it in the end!


The next few months sees some exciting changes for our cycleway users, as we start transitioning cyclists on to permanent pathway in a number of places.

The first move is to the new path over the Whau River Bridge. The bright yellow railings match those at the Oakley Creek and add a pop of colour to the path. Cyclists will enjoy more width here, replacing the previous pinch-point which often meant having to wait for others to cross the bridge.

Further sections of the final cycle path, from the Whau River Bridge toward the city, will be opened between now and December.

The last permanent section of cycleway will be installed over the causeway next year, as the southern side of the bridge is still to be constructed.

New section of the cycleway over the Whau River Bridge, open now!
New section of the cycleway over the Whau River Bridge, open now!


A cycleway diversion around the Patiki Rd area will be in place from late August to early December while the current overbridge is deconstructed and the new underpass is opened.

We are asking cyclists to take extreme care around the detour and cross at the marked pedestrian island along Patiki Rd. Traffic controllers will be in place initially to help cyclists follow the route.

The Alliance will also be working with the Police to enforce speed limits in the area, and is investigating traffic-calming measures for vehicles using the Patiki Road off-ramp.

Patiki Road cycleway diversion
During: Patiki Road cycleway diversion (Red line shows existing overbridge which will be replaced with an underpass; Yellow line shows temporary detour route)
Artists impression - Patiki Road underpass
After: Artist’s impression of the new Patiki Road cycleway underpass, due to be open in December.

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3 responses to “NW cycleway, nearly there! – An update from the Causeway Alliance

  1. Crossing that Pataki road off ramp at peak times is going to be “fun”. It does look like a great finished concept, but I can see a few near misses (hopefully) in the interim. The cars come off the motorway at quite a speed and aren’t used to seeing cyclists there.

  2. Crossing Patiki Rd will require extreme care. I am loving the new crossing of the Whau river. for 7 years I have had to put up with the bump on and off the old bridge, now it is no more.

  3. Am happy cycling is starting to get some traction in Auckland finally, unfortunately we are still so far behind other major centres! I hope the momentum continues to increase so that cycling takes its rightful place amongst transport options in Auckland as soon as possible.

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