Now we just need to be able to ride the bridge every day

The Telstra-Clear Challenge marked the first time cyclists were able to cross the Auckland Harbour Bridge with permission in 52 years.

All types of  riders tackled the ride and were pleased to find how easy and enjoyable it is to cycle the Bridge.  Mayor Len Bown’s comments in support of the Auckland Harbour Bridge Pathway proposal for permanent walking and cycling access across the Bridge got lots of popular support from the crowds, with many North Shore participants realising regular cycle commuting to the city is achievable.

Mayor Len,  wearing a Getacross campaign cycling shirt, rode across the Bridge with Cycle Action’s Barbara Cuthbert, ahead of thousands of excited and happy Aucklanders. Len told TVNZ and TV3 news that that Council has been looking closely at the Pathway proposal and he expected a full report to Council soon.

The Auckland Harbour Bridge Pathway proposal for enclosed facility underneath the soutbound clipon lane has Cycle Action’s support as one of our key projects to improve cycling in Auckland.

The proposal could go ahead as a privately funded tolled facility if NZTA won’t provide funding.  More information on the proposal is at, and TV3 gave the issue great coverage in its report

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