Yesterday we brought you the report from the star team at the NZTA’s Causeway Alliance – We’re reaching an exciting stage where we can commission the Oakley Creek boardwalk…………. If you’ve been on the North-western cycleway or driven past recently I am sure you will have noticed the bright yellow railings’.

Sarah has been in touch today to suggest a very informal ribbon cutting next week – Wednesday 21 Jan at 9.30am.     5.30 update – there’s been a change  to get you on the route sooner – Sarah’s just given me a call to change that to Tuesday 20 Jan at 9am – at the Waterview end of the yellow boardwalk bridge.  

It won’t be a flash event ( no ministerial cars etc ), but seeing it’s the holidays, we’d love to have some regular NW Cycleway riders and local kids come and be the first to ride the yellow- edged boardwalk. What’d’ya think?

We know the project has a super- skilled photographer  on the job – with luck he’ll be there to catch some holiday snaps to post on our blog and FB. NW C'way Oakley Ck bdwalk Jan 2015

See you there!


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4 responses to “No fuss or delay – ride the yellow (non)-brick road !

  1. I’ve just added it to the blog, Richard. We’re meeting at city end of the boardwalk bridge where the project team will have tied the ribbon.

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