New York – If you can make it here…

New York – If you can make it here…

Bike Auckland

Image 00 Brooklyn BridgeBlog by Greg Wood

New York was once called New Amsterdam – and given just how much bicycle infrastructure they’ve implemented recently, it might well be on its way to reclaiming that title.

I went to New York in May this year to ride the 40-mile 5 Boro Tour as part of a fact-finding trip to see just how one of the world’s busiest cities has made such dramatic progress, and to explore the tourism potential of a large group ride here in Auckland. Because if they can make it there, surely we can make it happen here?

We documented infrastructure, politics, funding and the big ride itself, and rode 220 km in four days in and around and through all five Boroughs – negotiating 52,000 taxi doors, 8,000,000 pedestrians and a seemingly infinite number of bagels.

On 25 September, come and see and hear some of what we saw – including:

  • Sixty seconds with Janette Sadik-Khan
  • Seven things we could learn from New York, and
  • A whole lot of completely droolworthy photos of real people riding real bikeways!

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