New Mangere Bridge narrower than old bridge, wider than before

Old Mangere BridgeNZTA have just announced that the replacement of the Mangere Bridge between Onehunga and Mangere will be wider than the 6m originally proposed as of last year.

Cycle Action Auckland was among those who submitted that this would create a risk of hindering cycle traffic, seeing how wide the old bridge was – and how popular with local fishermen using much of the bridge’s width for their hobby.

The new bridge – still not designed yet – will have the following features (we asked for the bolded stuff in our submission):

  • Be 8m minimum width, with sections or bays up to 12m wide
  • Constructed next to the old bridge but further from the port
  • Have a higher clearance above the harbour than the existing bridge for better boat access
  • Still have gradients that are comfortable for walkers and cyclists
  • Have enhanced lighting, seating, railings and rubbish bins
  • Art / design features that reflect the area’s iwi connections and rich history

Overall, that is a good outcome, especially knowing that this bridge is a very busy cycling spot. In a post to come tomorrow, we will also look into the wider cycle network in the area, so this announcement is quite timely.

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