Meet our partners: Cityhop car share

Meet our partners: Cityhop car share

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Wait, what’s a car doing in our feature spot? Well, as part of our new membership benefits, we’re partnering with local bike shops and other merchants to bring special discounts and exclusive opportunities to everyone who becomes a Bike Auckland member.

One of the wonderful businesses backing bike advocacy in your city offers a new way to think about personal transport. What if you didn’t have to own a car, but could use one whenever you liked? And what if that car came with a bike rack so you could get further afield on two wheels? That’s the Cityhop proposition – and we even hear Associate Transport Minister Julie Anne Center is a fan! Read on…


The Cityhop team: Nick Neutze, Alex Scott, Ben Carter, and founder Victoria Carter

Who and what is Cityhop?

Cityhop cars by the hour was co-founded by former Auckland City Councillor Victoria Carter. Launched in 2007 by Helen Clark with just 3 cars, today it has a fleet of 60 shared cars in Auckland and Wellington.

The main people behind Cityhop are Victoria Carter, founder and chief car-washer. Alex Scott is the friendly voice of operations and member services. Ben Carter is our scientist-slash-Development Manager, who also looks for new opportunities with Nick Neutze, the Fleet Manager.

What does Cityhop offer?

Our fleet has a car for almost every need: small eco-friendly cars, hybrids, 4WDs, electric vehicles. We have cars with child car seats, tow bars, roof racks – and, of interest to Bike Auckland members, two kinds of bike racks: a rear rack and a roof racks. (Bike Auckland editorial note: this is how one of our car-free friends went on a bike-car adventure that took her well beyond her usual orbits).

‘Bonny’ the Cityhop Corolla has a handy bike rack. (Yes, every car in the fleet has a name!)
Car share + bike share = new horizons!

As a member of Cityhop, your Cityhop swipe-card gives you access to any car you need when you need. It’s affordable and easy. You do the driving, and Cityhop takes care of the parking, petrol, insurance, maintenance and cleaning of the car.

From $9.50 per hour and from $65.00 for 24 hours, it’s a smart way to move about. We have special rates during off peak hours; for example, you save 60 per cent if you’re using a car after 6pm and returning it before 8am.

And with new locations being added every month, it’s getting easier to find a car near you.

Why are you happy to partner with Bike Auckland?

Cityhop exists to encourage people to live #onecarless – because the way to make our cities more liveable – and our streets safer – is to have fewer cars. Every carshare vehicle has the potential to take 13 privately owned cars off the road. That’s 13 fewer cars taking up space – and given the average car is parked 98 per cent of the time, that’s a significant saving of our shared resources!

What Bike Auckland does and what we do is complementary. We want to make it easier for people to change their travel habits. We all want a safer, cleaner, friendlier city – and actively choosing to walk, bike, and use car share instead of owning a car are great ways to achieve this.

Alex, Nick, and Ben, casually repping the car-free lifestyle.


Offer for Bike Auckland members

The Cityhop team supporting a Bike Auckland morning fuel stop at the beginning of Biketober.

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