We partner with bike shops and other merchants to give Bike Auckland members a whole host of discounts and other benefits. Meet the people backing bike advocacy in your city – this time, a Silverdale bike shop with special appeal to gravel riders…


What is GMC Cycling?

GMC stands for Gordon McCauley, the chap you’ll most likely see behind the counter at GMC Cycling. His shop, in the old Silverdale village, has a gravel and road focus, and it’s intended to be the opposite of a department store. Bikes are personal; Gordon and mechanic Dan like to get to know customers by name. It’s the kind of place that will offer you an espresso and let you watch while your bike is being serviced.

GMC Cycling’s Silverdale showroom. Photo: Cameron Mackenzie Photography

Gordon is a former professional rider of some note – he won a bronze medal in the time trial at the 2006 Commonwealth Games – and brought the racing ethos with him when he opened the shop in 2016. He offers coaching and bike fitting, and hosts weekend group rides on gravel roads. Why gravel? “Fewer cars on unsealed roads!” he says. “Plus it’s a relaxed scene. People wear what they want. Lycra, baggies, a plaid shirt even. It doesn’t matter.”

What kinds of bikes does GMC sell, and to whom?

Gordon reckons GMC is the country’s number one gravel shop, and it’s also popular with road riders. There’s a good range of e-bikes, cross-country bikes and accessories. The shop stocks Cannondale, Scott, 3T and plenty of other brands.

GMC Cycling’s workshop handles everything from servicing through to custom builds, and Gordon offers a complimentary pick-up service across the Hibiscus Coast.

Gravel riding, Auckland style: no seal and no cars. Photo: Cameron Mackenzie Photography

Why is GMC partnering with Bike Auckland?

“We just want to see more people on bikes,” Gordon says. “What’s really important is being able to ride safely, and that’s where Bike Auckland’s advocacy makes such a difference.”

GMC Cycling

4/44 Silverdale Street
Auckland 0932

09 427 8908


Offer for Bike Auckland members:

Ten percent off all non-sale goods and 20% off workshop labour on presentation of your Bike Auckland membership card.

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