It wasn’t long ago that bike retailing in New Zealand meant physical stores offering little for commuters beyond mountain bikes with city tyres. That’s now changed, in part thanks to online retailers like The Urban Cyclist.

Owner Emma Jonsson is a Kiwi who was inspired by Euro-style cycling when visiting Copenhagen with her Danish then-boyfriend, now hubbie. She returned to New Zealand itching to ride the Danish way right here in Auckland, only to find that city riding was in its very early days and nobody sold the bikes and bits she needed. That was the catalyst for The Urban Cyclist.

Now, we’re delighted to welcome them to our bike shop partner programme, with a special offer for Bike Auckland members. (Not a member? See this page for how to join – and check out the wide range of membership benefits).

What is The Urban Cyclist?

It’s an online destination for everyday cyclists — those who ride to work or to school or to the beach, perhaps with the kids, and want to do it in style. The site has a steadily growing range of accessories and bikes that are both practical and cool, and it offers a full refund policy on all cycling accessories.

The Jonsson tribe does the family velo thing at the 2017 Lightpath Festival.
Dutch-style accessories — in this case, a Bobike windscreen and child’s seat — for Kiwis.

What does The Urban Cyclist sell, and to whom?

The site started with a range of European-sourced locks, helmets and child seats, and has now expanded to include the Mme Velo range of bags and the elegant Australian Lekker city bicycles. The cheerful range of Melon helmets is popular, and there’s steady demand for the Dutch brand AXA bike locks.

Emma says her customers range from mums and dads buying child seats, through to retired people kitting up their new e-bikes, along with plenty of busy commuters wanting to make their daily ride even better.

Why is The Urban Cyclist partnering with Bike Auckland?

“I just love what Bike Auckland is doing,” says Emma. “Advocating for urban cycling is a really important job and The Urban Cyclist wants to be part of it.”

Offer for Bike Auckland members

Ten percent off all regular-priced products at The Urban Cyclist online. (See our membership benefits page for details on how to claim your discount.)

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