Meet our bike shop partners: Evo Cycles

Meet our bike shop partners: Evo Cycles

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Great news for Bike Auckland members! In a long-anticipated development, we’re partnering with local bike shops and other merchants to bring you special discounts and exclusive opportunities as membership benefits when you become a Bike Auckland supporter.

Meet the people backing bike advocacy in your city – this week, an ‘all-of-the-above’ emporium with two outlets in Auckland…


Who and what is Evo Cycles?

If you’ve rolled through Pukekohe along Manukau Road, or past Britomart on the Quay Street cycleway, you’ll have seen Evolution Cycles stores. Hard to miss them, really – they’re big, and they’ve got a distinctive black and neon green colour scheme.

Just some of what’s on offer at Evo Britomart. (Photo: @meghanmaloneyphotography)

The two Auckland shops are part of a seven-store chain that started in Hamilton 10 years ago. Evo’s marketing manager, Ben Pedley, says the company started with the bold idea of upending bike retailing in New Zealand. ‘The accepted way of doing things had always been for the retailer to buy from a NZ-based wholesaler or distributor, and to pass on a limited range to the consumer at a large mark-up and at a location and time convenient to the retailer.’

‘Our goal was to change that completely by giving cyclists access to more brands from better locations and at better prices.’ 

What kinds of bikes does Evo Cycles sell – and to whom?

Little bikes galore. Photo: Meghan Maloney.

Evo has an ‘all of the above; model. It sells everything from a 10-inch balance bike for kids right up to a Cervelo road bike retailing at $25,000. And everything in between. The big mover is the electric bike category. ‘It’s growing at 400 percent, so we’ve gone deep,’ says Pedley. ‘We have commuter electric bikes for people looking for cheap transport, through to cruisers and even electric-assisted mountain bikes. One thing about electric bikes is that they’re bringing in a group, largely of older people, who haven’t ever had anything to do with cycling before.’

Oh, and you don’t have to actually get off your couch to buy from Evo, either. It has a remarkably well-stocked online store.

Why is Evo Cycles happy to partner with Bike Auckland?

Because the Evo people are bicycle believers, says Pedley. ‘We see bikes not just as a sport but also as a means of day-to-day transport, and that’s where Bike Auckland is on the front foot with its promotion for urban cycling. We want to be part of that.’

All kinds of bikes for all kinds of people. (Photo: Meghan Maloney)

Evo Cycles

88 Quay St, Britomart, Auckland, 1010
Ph 308 9549
185 Manukau Road, Pukekohe, Auckland 2120
Ph 09 239 3558

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