boardwalkmothersdayMessing about on bikes, whether for fitness or fun, is even more enjoyable with a like-minded bunch. Your eye might be caught by the lycra-clad weekenders whizzing along the waterfront, or a quiet group ambling out for coffee and back. But there are so many other ways to ride with a group. Here’s our list of rides in Auckland. Want to add your group to the list? Just head to the online form and we’ll add you.

Some rides are listed as no-drop rides. This means someone from the group will stay with you if, for example, you have a puncture or cannot hold the pace.

Grey Lynn CC

Roadies riding as a pack.

Rides start from: Urban jungle Café

Ride times: Mon/Wed/Fri 5:15am

Ride description: Drop ride; average speed 28/30kph

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Roadies riding as a pack; relaxed; women-specific.

Rides start from: Hot Cycles, 46 Long Drive, St Heliers

Ride times: Sundays 7am, Tuesdays 6.15pm

Ride description: Different location every Sunday, no drop, approximately 60-70k, all ages, women only, coffee during or after, very sociable, all welcome. Tuesday is 20k local loop, 1 hour, no drop.

More information: Hotties Facebook Page

Hobsonville Point Bunch Rides

Roadies riding as a pack; relaxed; coffee ride.

Rides start from: Opposite 25ml Café

Ride times: Fridays, 6am.

Ride description: Local loops near Hobsonville Point. Approx 1hr @ 23-26kph, non-drop, all ages/genders, inclusive, road bikes only.

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Auckland Hardcourt Bike Polo

Bike polo group.

Meet at: Western Park tennis courts.

Time: 5pm Fridays.

Description: We play three-a-side bike polo. We ride around in circles very slowly. It’s mostly young people because we fall over a lot. Watching with a beer is also welcome.

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Tuesday Bunch

Roadies riding as a pack.

Meet at: Ride shop, 501 Botany Road.

Time: Tuesdays, 6:15pm.

Description: Airport and back, 50km. Average pace: 30km/h

More information: Strava Tuesday Bunch.

Blind Basket Bunch

Roadies riding as a pack; purely social.

Meet at: Blind Basket Cafe – 38 Barrys Point Road, Takapuna

Time: Every Saturday at 6am.

Description: Usual Destinations: Taupaki, Silverdale, Waitakeries, Te-Henga. Either via Riverhead or via Hobsonville. Distance – 70-100km. Duration 3-4 hours. Target Pace – Medium Group 24-26kph, Fast Group 28-30kph.

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East Auckland Senior Cycling Group

A coffee ride for people of all fitness levels and on any kind of bike; off-road; relaxed, e-bike friendly; purely social.

Meet at: Scout Hall Pigeon Mountain Road Half Moon Bay

Time: Saturdays and Wednesdays at 9:00 am.

Description: Wednesdays, 30km. Saturdays, 40 to 50km.

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Highland Park Group

Roadies riding as a pack.

Meet at: Highland Park shop car park.

Times: Depart at 7:30am Saturday and Sunday.

Description: 61 km route. 30 years old up to 78 year old. Average pace varies according to wind conditions. Slow group averages 25 to 29 kmh, medium group averages 26 to 30 kmh, fast group averages over 30 kmh. We are a no-drop, re-group ride.

More information: Allan Bridge:

Thursday Night Kumeu Ride

Roadies riding as a pack; competitive.

Meet at: Kumeu Community Hall.

Times: Every Thursday 6:30pm.

Description: Two laps of the Hanham circuit. First lap 3/4 pace but still fast. Second lap every man and woman for themselves. Depending on numbers we separate into two groups.

More information:

Hot Cycles
Roadies riding as a pack; relaxed.
Times: Fridays at  6am.
Description: Rides start at Hot Cycles and we have the same course every Friday, heading into town along the waterfront, under the harbour bridge, through Herne Bay, Cox’s Bay into Grey Lynn / Ponsonby where we then stop for a coffee. 25km at this point. We have had first time bunch riders on this ride and seasoned pros at the same time. It is a casual ride with means to an end with coffee and muffin. The group then heads their separate ways, several do return together back to St Heliers and arrive about 8:20am.

Department of Cycling

Roadies riding as a pack.
Meet at:  AvantiPlus Westgate
Times: Meet on Saturday at 8am and Sunday at 7:30am
Description:Two Saturday Rides35km Introductory road ride which caters for those new to road cycling. Hosted by two experienced road riders, attendees will be shown how to ride in a group and given tips about road riding. This is a no-drop ride, with one experienced rider on the front and another as tail end charlie. Pace is determined by the riders that turn up. Ride duration approx 1.5 – two hours and bulk of ride is on rural roads between Westgate and Kumeu. Standard Saturday Bunch Ride: five rotating routes approximately 45-50km ridden on rural roads and cycleways, all leaving and finishing outside AvantiPlus Westgate. Various pace groups, with the faster group averaging 28-30km per hour. These are no-drop rides with a tail end charlie assigned to make sure no one gets left behind.
Sunday Bunch Ride: endurance rides with approximate distances of 70-80km. Longer rides on long weekends and as events such as the Taupo Cycle Challenge get closer. Routes vary with bulk of rides riding west and northwest rural roads. There are various bunch speeds on offer with the faster group averaging 28-30kmh. While the Sunday rides are a no-drop ride, it is expected that you can ride an average speed of 24kmh for the distance and terrain of the ride. If you are unsure we recommend starting with a Saturday ride to get a feel for group paces. All rides finish at the local cafe for a refuel and chat.

More information: Website:  Facebook:   Strava:  Email:


Off-road, relaxed, e-bike friendly, purely social.
Times: Thursdays and Fridays at 10:30am.
Description: Mainly off-road cycle trails on the North Shore and in Orewa. This is a social ride of up to 20km for retirees.

More information:

Coffee Outside Auckland

Relaxed, social, a coffee ride for people of all fitness levels and on any kind of bike.
Meet at:  Starting point varies; check the Facebook group for event info.
Times: First Sunday of every month at 8am.
Description: This is a group catch-up as opposed to a group ride. People are welcome to sort a ride before or after. Bring your coffee or tea, grinder, plunger, boiling equipment etc… and share a coffee and a yarn. Share some coffee-brewing ideas, bike talk and bike packing thoughts. All inclusive, good excuse for a ride, at this stage once a month, on the first Sunday of every month  at a different location around Auckland.

GMC Gravel Peloton

Gravel ride for gravel bikes and mountain bikes.
Meet at: GMC Cycling, 4/44 Silverdale Street, Silverdale
Times: Every Saturday morning at 6:45am.
Description: 52km ride, half and half seal and gravel, ridden at a brisk pace (average 25-30kph) with four wait points. Route can be found here:

Grow Old Disgracefully

Relaxed, e-bike friendly, purely social
Meet at: North Shore. Starting point and time sent through to members in private Facebook group on Thursday or Friday nights.
Times: Saturday or Sunday mornings approximately 30 minutes after sparrow’s fart. While the hoons are still in bed sleeping off the night before.
Description: Anywhere between 30 km to 60km round trip. Two to four hours. No-drop. Approx 15km target pace, but not set in stone. All ages welcome. We look out for one another. Never leave anyone behind. Help each other with punctures or breakdowns.
More information:Text Mick on 021 0290 4747

Solo Bunch

Roadies riding as a pack, relaxed.
Meet at: Outside Westpac, Britomart.
Times: Wednesday and Friday mornings leaving at 6.15
Description: A very friendly, social bunch finishing for coffee and breakfast at La Petite Fourchette, Britomart. Approx 25km at 22 – 25kph depending on the route. Ages between 40 and 75! Safety is very important – we enforce riding single file along the waterfront. No-drop policy.
More information: Paul Mason:

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