Mandatory bicycle parking – finally coming to Auckland!

Mandatory bicycle parking – finally coming to Auckland!

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Cities overseas had it long ago. Even Hamilton had it for many years, and Auckland is now finally catching up: new buildings will soon have to provide cycle parking – public spaces for visitors and secure storage for staff. As well as showers & lockers!

With the draft Unitary Plan now released (check here if you want to know more), the rules for the first time provide a comprehensive requirement for bike parking in any new development that gets built / redeveloped. While we will have to look at the numbers a bit more closely, most of them look good at first glance (EDIT: the lack of visitor bike parking for retail and restaurants – at least for developments larger than a certain minimum – is an issue).

Draft Cycle Parking Rules

The above isn’t final of course – the Unitary Plan will be subject to all sorts of submissions and appeals in the coming years. Some will be from people and organisations which consider providing cycle parking a waste of money and requiring them a “nanny state” rule (though you probably didn’t hear them complain about the mandatory CAR parking requirements of the past).

But this is already a great step forward to making providing for cycling a normal part of buildings as well as roads – whether or not the numbers get tweaked a bit in the end doesn’t really matter.

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