Project Glow Wear – a contest for bright designers

Jul 16, 2016
Project Glow Wear – a contest for bright designers

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After dark, and especially in winter it’s so important to be visible on our bikes – and that means not just hi-vis, but reflective gear. But – can we be honest? – a lot of the reflective gear out there, while incredibly useful, is also pretty utilitarian.

Can’t we be seen well AND look good?

That’s the inspiration behind Project Glow Wear, a new design contest that reckons Reflective is the new Black.

The idea is to combine creative talent and versatile new materials, so as to come up with things we’d actually love to wear – and then to get them into production, so we can!

All the info you need is on the website and on Facebook. Register ASAP to receive some reflective tape to be starting with… or start digging around for reflective materials (ooh, embroidery thread!), including recyclables, like old safety vests etc that can be refashioned into new fashion. And then start stitching, knitting, gluing, making.

Project Glow Wear's Melanie and Vanessa showing how flash reflective tape can be! (Image via Facebook)
Project Glow Wear’s Melanie and Vanessa showing how flash reflective tape can be! (Image via Facebook)

Hurry, scurry and get your ideas into wearable form – the contest has been open for a few weeks now, and entries close Fri 29 July 2016, at 4pm.

NB The project, a brainchild of the Greater Wellington Regional Council, is open to all NZ residents or citizens aged 17 and over (as of 29 July 2016). Several of the prizes are Wellington-based – check the terms and conditions for full details.

For a bit of inspiration, check out this great video… and make it work!

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