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There’s something blue and beautiful developing in Henderson… An Innovating Streets for People trial!

Bike Te Atatū’s Carol Green and Melanie Dixon know that the trial offers so much for local shops, safety and community vibrancy. To help its success, they’ve had an idea: #LoveHenderson. Read on to find out more…

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Show Henderson some love

We are all aware of negative comments and even a planned march in Henderson to “protest the Streets for People trial” and as a group who want to see more options for people to be able to walk or ride a bike it can be disheartening to face such negativity. We know that countless examples and studies show that encouraging more people on foot or bicycle leads to a larger retail spend, a safe and vibrant streetscape and many more benefits. Unfortunately citing studies, facts and figures doesn’t always sway the naysayers.

So what can we do?

Let’s show Henderson some love! The town is at the meeting point of the amazing Project Twin Streams paths and this trial aims to make it easier and much safer for those on foot and bicycle to access the town. Let’s get out on bikes or on foot and show the local businesses that we spend more time and money here when we feel welcome. Let’s roll up and try some of the amazing places the main street and surrounds offers.


Ride up, park up and visit some of those shops that only local towns still have; amazing shoe repairsfamily run jewellersfishing tackle specialistsDutch cheese, check out some of the best op-shops in Auckland or grab some tools from a local hardware store. Remember to make a point of advertising how you arrived, park your bike outside the shops and take your helmet with you – many retailers are still convinced their customers all arrive by car – let’s show them they are wrong while showing the love. Be direct if you need to be – tell the staff you arrived by bike (or on foot). Tell them what you think of the trial.

Take a photo and post it to social media with the hashtag #LoveHenderson.

Why not break out of your usual weekend routine and choose Henderson as your coffee stop – the Falls Hotel Bistro at the start of the trial zone is one place you might try or at the other end at the Coffee Studio at Corban Estate Arts Centre.

By visiting Henderson by bike we are showing how the town can be; welcoming to all however you travel. Show Henderson some love and act local, shop local and bike local (but if you are from outside the area do drop in too – you will be surprised by the great places to visit around Hendo!).

Scroll down to see how to get to Henderson on shared paths.

And as you ride around don’t forget to give your feedback on the new additions to the town centre – do you like the local feel and rideability of the streets now or can you suggest changes? Would you have ridden into town before these changes or was it a place to avoid on a bike? All feedback will help to make sure that Henderson gets to be a place that is welcoming to all however they travel.

It is often the negative voices that are the loudest but if we want change we have to raise our voices too.

Have your say - amplify our voices!

Joseph, a Henderson local, has shared this great list of his favourite eateries:

Getting to Henderson via shared paths

Henderson Creek path (joins up NW cycleway and Te Atatū with Henderson Town Centre)

Opanuku Stream Path (joins up Henderson Valley with Henderson Town Centre)

Oratia Stream Path (joins up Sunnyvale with Henderson Town Centre)

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