Looking ahead – at Te Atatu South

May 11, 2016
Looking ahead – at Te Atatu South


Some weeks back, some of our readers highlighted to us that the new section of the Northwestern Cycleway between Lincoln Road and Te Atatu South had a sightline issue around a powerline pylon. If someone was stopped on the path, or coming the other way cutting the corner, you might not be able to see them, due to a high board fence built around the base of the pylon.

One of you even made a short video – thanks, Michael. Hold on to your handlebars, this is sped up strongly – watch out for the 4-5 second mark and stop the video:



We contacted the folks doing the construction, and while there was some initial discussion as to what was possible to be changed or not, owing to safety regulations around high voltage lines, Brian from Fulton Hogan eventually came through with what looks like a good solution: intermittently removing some of the wooden panels in the previously closed fence, and replacing them with more open ‘pool fence’ panels.

We are told that the wooden panels couldn’t be removed along the *whole* length, as static electricity might otherwise build up too much – think electric cattle-fence feeling if you accidentally touch it. Not a kind of motorway charging we’d agree with!

However, the solution has already much improved the visibility, as you can see from the shots below:

Left: Looking west. Right: Looking east. The added gaps in the fence now provide much better forward visibility.
Left: Looking west. Right: Looking east. The added gaps in the fence now provide much better forward visibility.

It’s great news that this location has been improved – especially given that a few other locations on the Northwestern are currently also showing some issues with visibility around corners creating hazards. (After hearing of several incidents at Patiki Rd, we are assisting the Causeway Alliance with looking at what can be done to slow riders down and make for safer travel through the underpass).

In other good news of great teamwork, Brian also confirmed that the side-path coming from McCormick Road / Reserve will be a proper width (3m) access, rather than just a footpath from the cul-de-sac turning area. This is another matter we had raised some time ago – fantastic to hear that NZTA and Fulton Hogan have come through on this and will improve the path.




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