Lights, Crossing, Action: Improvements at St Luke’s

Jun 21, 2015
Lights, Crossing, Action: Improvements at St Luke’s

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We’re glad to see lighting has been restored to that tricky southwest corner of where the NW Cycleway crosses St Luke’s Rd. It’s been a perilous spot for pedestrians and people on bikes, including a fair amount of school traffic, as we reported back in May.

So we’re extra glad to hear that a proper striped pedestrian crossing is being installed there, too:

A pedestrian crossing is scheduled to be installed over the westbound on-ramp at the St Lukes Interchange on Sunday night, 21 June, improving safety for cyclists and pedestrians.  Weather permitting it should be in operation for Monday morning’s commuters.

Although signed and marked appropriately, the layout of the crossing will be new so please continue to be cautious while other road users get used to it, too.

The St Luke’s construction team would like to thank Cycle Action Auckland members for their continued feedback and input.


It’ll be a great improvement over how it was (below)! Do continue to watch out for cars, as drivers will still be thinking ahead to the motorway on-ramp, rather than expecting to slow down for anyone crossing the road.

The unmarked crossing to the westbound cycleway. Signs warn pedestrians and cyclists; but motorists aren't addressed.

Also, have you spotted the fresh helpful signage around the intersection (temporary, while works are in progress)? Let us know how it’s working for you, and if there’s anything else that could help smooth the way.


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