Light up the bridge – with songs about bikes!

Light up the bridge – with songs about bikes!


Have you seen the new lights on the Harbour Bridge? Better still, have you seen them dancing to music?

Seriously, we can’t wait to get over it!

Play the Bridge, a synchronised music and light show, runs live every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night from now until April 25th, thanks to 2degrees Mobile. It’s an inspired contribution to Auckland’s 175th anniversary (as well as a hint of how cool SkyPath will look and sound the first time the Auckland bike rave flies across it!)

Spots from which to watch Play the Bridge. Details here
Spots from which to watch Play the Bridge. Details here

You can watch a live feed of the lights and music at home, or gaze at the bridge from a variety of locations while listening to the synchronised music via your phone. And on Saturday nights the music is played via a massive sound system at Silo Park for that extra live buzz.


Best of all: we get to choose the tunes! Yep, it’s basically a giant bridge-shaped jukebox.

Here’s how it works. Pick a song, and if it makes the cut, you’ll get a text alert. Anything goes, from a database of 25 million options. Last night’s opening playlist ranged from the iconic (Royals) to the deeply ironic (Highway to the Danger Zone).

Which set us to thinking… there are some fantastic bike songs out there. Queen’s Bicycle Race, Pink Floyd’s Bike, Rockin’ Bicycle by Fats Domino, the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Bicycle Song, the rare Riding on my Bike by Madness, Debbie Harry’s Bike Boy… Heck, there’s even Riding My Bicycle by The Wiggles.

We reckon that in honour of SkyPath and inspired by the flash and dash of last week’s inaugural Auckland bike rave, a bike-themed set one night would be just the ticket. How about it, 2degrees?

Go ahead and nominate your favourite bike-themed song here!

P.S. Remember the Get Across campaign song? We’re working on getting that added to the list!

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