Buried in the details of this announcement of the next AMETI Open Day on 15 September 2012, we have a long-awaited confirmation that CAA was only able to hint at so far:

AMETI now proposes a walk- and cycleway along Lagoon Drive*, directly connecting the Panmure Town Centre with the planned walking/cycling Panmure bridge, and from there, the future off-road path to Pakuranga Town Centre!

* In addition to the more recreational walking path that already exists on the lagoon side of the road.

As you can see in the sketch at the right (click through twice for larger view), the now-proposed link (green) will be more direct than the previously proposed deviation (dark blue) along routes via Church Crescent / Queens Road. Both of which would have been on-road – with no certainty of getting even painted cycle lanes – and which would have involved travelling through a rather hairy roundabout at Queens Road / Kings Road. By providing an off-road route (on the northern side of Lagoon Drive, next to the new busway), we make the route attractive to a whole new type of locals who want to ride bikes.

CAA had been able to comment to AT on their proposals for this path a while back, but knowing the costs involved in providing it, we didn’t want to celebrate too soon. But obviously, AT higher-ups have agreed with their own team that it makes sense to provide a high-quality link all the way, if you are going to the trouble of upgrading Panmure Bridge and the section east of it so significantly for cyclists. Great to hear, and we hope everyone who lives or cycles in the area registers their support (at the Open Day, or at future opportunities for comment).

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