Bike Te Atatu 1Post by Bryce P, our man out west

Te Atatu Peninsula has been mentioned on these pages before – and wouldn’t you know it, more and more people are wanting to simply ride around their local community and want to be able to do so without worrying about their safety.

Out of this has been born Bike Te Atatu. This is a very informal group of local residents who share some common interests and goals.

The aim to appeal to anyone who wants to ride a bike, be they dressed in lycra and consider a 10 km ride a mere warm up, or 4 year olds with balance bikes just starting out. Though family fun is mainly what it’s about with a chance to share ideas and hopefully create a local network that is safe for everyone to enjoy riding a bike.

As our goal is primarily to have fun, and to involve bikes, what better way to start than a BBQ in the sun at Durham Green in Te Atatu. Approximately 50 people turned up, pretty good turn-out for a new group, we think. The company was great, the kids had a ball and there were some goodies handed out.

Bike Te Atatu 2(We think we need a BBQ that can be towed by a bike. Some design and fabrication will be required).

We’ve got a few ideas up our sleeves for a bit of bike activism so keep an eye out on Te Atatu – the new “Bicycle Friendly Community” (in training)

If you live in the area or a just interested in what is happening, look us up on Facebook, and see you at the next event!

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9 responses to “Join the Bike Te Atatu group!

    1. Bryce, the link you gave me didn’t work for me, so I added the initial link which did. Have now reverted to your link, even though it shows me nothing unless I am logged into FB. If you’re growing, at some stage think about a quick website of your own, not everyone is on FB (though admittedly, in New Zealand, there’s more than most places in the world).

      1. Maybe the settings need looking at. We will be looking at a webpage as well I think (with appropriate twitter and FB feeds of course). What if each suburb slowly started doing this? Could it start a gradual change in the ‘burbs? Hey Ben, ‘Bike Bayswater’? Anyone else?

        1. I was thinking Bike Bayswater right now Bryce. I will definitely have a think about how to get that started. Cheers

          1. Imagine the grassroots campaign if each suburb in Auckland could get one going?

  1. Thanks Bryce, Eleanor is thrilled to star on this page. A number of Bike Te Atatu members also cycled to the Waitakere Festival on Sunday and made use of the Bike Parking AT supplied.

  2. I live in town, but my brother and his family live in Te Atatu Peninsula. My brother cannot cycle due to a disability sadly, but I know his son would like to. I’m going to find ways of attending group events (provided I know about them well in advance) and taking my nephew along.

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