Is there anything bicycles can’t do?

Dec 13, 2013
Is there anything bicycles can’t do?


Air purifying bike concept
The pollution eating ebike

Not only can bicycles now reduce your waistline, fatten your wallet and create a better, healthier city, soon they will be able to eat the pollution from all those cars we dodge.

Some clever Chinese developers have come up with a concept e-bike that filters pollution as it rides:

The pollution-eating bike, from Bangkok’s Lightfog creative studio, is an electric bicycle concept that is said to include not only a handlebar-mounted air filter, but also a “photosynthesis system” that can generate oxygen from a reaction with water and electricity from the lithium-ion battery that powers the bike.

Imagine how much pollution these guys could clean up!

As the article says, it is only a concept at this stage. However, imagine how great it would be to not only be minimising your own pollution but actually reducing the pollution of the less enlightened motorists around you. As a cherry on top it is a pretty cool looking bicycle as well. Double bonus points!


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