In the CBD without a shower…

Mar 15, 2013
In the CBD without a shower…

Bike Auckland

Showers IconCAA believes that not every ride needs to be “hard out“. But we know many of you love it – and on some Auckland days (yes, I am looking at you, February and March 2013!) the heat is just too much, and even the most casual cyclist may want a shower afterwards.

So what to do if your office isn’t as enlightened (or in fancy enough digs) to offer showers? Or doesn’t even provide bike parking??? This is the question of Martin, one of our readers.

Are there any “public” ways to shower and/or store your bike around the CBD? Any bike stores – or maybe gyms – up to taking on the challenge? Bike Central may have just been a tad too early.

How do other people deal with this – suggest your solutions to Martin. He’s particularly interested in the mid-town area, but the problem is much wider of course.

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