We are, finally, getting some actions out of the “Quick Wins” project that we started last year with Auckland Transport for New North Road.

Now we need your help!

As you may remember, CAA undertook a user audit, and AT separately hired a safety auditor to review the cycling safety of the road.

One issue the audit identified (and classified with the highest & 2nd-highest safety risk rankings) was a number of “merge conflict” pinch points..

Basically, these are locations downstream of signalised intersections where car parking quickly restricts the traffic lanes down to one again, creating a risk that you will be squeezed out as drivers wrestle who gets to be first. This is particularly a safety risk at off-peak (during peak, many of these areas are already clearways). With less parking, you will have more time to merge / motorists driving faster than you will often have overtaken you already by the time you get there.

Auckland Transport is now proposing to remove parking permanently at four identified locations, as proposed by the auditor.

As part of their normal process, Auckland Transport has handed out consultation materials about this change to local residents and business owners. It is likely that they will be strongly opposed, as we have seen on other projects. Cycle Action went to bat for all people who want safer cycling conditions and said – why should only the people parking (or profiting from parking) in these areas be able to have a say? What about the people whose safety is currently endangered by these car parks, a fact that has been accepted by an independent safety audit?

We are pleased to report that Auckland Transport agrees that cyclists riding on NNR should be able to voice their opinion on the proposed change as well. So please:

  • If you ride on NNR, or would ride there if it was safer:
  • Click on the link and look at the proposals,
  • then send your opinion to the email given at the bottom of the page.

Thanks to all cyclists in the project area for participating!

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  • Max

    PS: We also have two more substantial infrastructure changes along NNR which we hope to be able to implement as part of this project, but where design is still on-going.

  • Nick Moore

    Good work. Just submitted:

    “Love the plans – I bike this route regularly and the pinch points are super scary even for experienced riders. I’ve been knocked off in Kingsland by someone veering into a park who spotted the park but not the bike going past it. And I ride the Mt Albert section in fear of getting doored…! You’ll get knee jerk opposition from retailers but please point out that bikers stop and buy stuff too.

    BTW, I live in New Windsor and bike to the city and back everyday. Nowadays I tend to use the bike track along the North Western but NNR is more direct and a lot quicker (as long as you don’t end up in A and E!)”

  • richard

    The problem is these roads are not wide enough for multiple lanes. New North Road when it only had a centre line was a safe road but to rush through more cars lanes are marked and to hell with the other users.

    I suggest revert the road back to one lane it would probably run more smoothly for cars too?

  • Max

    Hello all – great to see so much resonance in such a short time! Please all forward it on to other people who you know ride this route or would if it was better!

  • Tim

    Great initiative. i don’t use NNRd so can’t comment on the specifics.

    is there anything we can do to encourage the extendsion of the safety audit concetp to the 100s of urban and suburban roads that have residential parking on both sides, when if there was parking on only one side, and the extra road width demarcated as on-road bike lanes, safety improvements would be dramatic and widespread?

    • Max

      Hi Tim – well, there is no such specific project right now. We are hoping to encourage more street-specific projects (this one is still a trial, with, lets say, mixed success so far).

      The best thing you can do at the moment is still point out specific safety issues to Auckland Transport for fixing using their hotline/website, and advocate for better cycle safety to your politicians and community. Dreary work at times, but short of finding some magic way (we’re still looking!), it can’t be beat yet.

  • Sam F

    Yes! My local road, for the last seven years at least! And it’s getting a proper look at. All the changes look good. Some look better than others – the site at 2A New North Road has been *screaming* for improvements. 895 New North Road is another good one, although I imagine there’ll be screaming from retailers (probably more justified than usual given the park’n’grab retail culture at Mount Albert Shops), and it’s really just a baby step towards fixing the horrible, fundamentally inhumane traffic conditions at that part of NNR.

    I put all my (many) thoughts in an email which I’ve just sent – it took a while, and I realise now how much effort is involved from CAA people in submitting and advocating for these changes. Hopefully what I’ve sent will also help…

    • Max

      There’s some more substantial changes being designed now for the section along 2A NNR / Mt Eden intersection (beyond just the parking removal).

      Touch wood, we will be able to get that design through.