Flyer FrontCAA is hosting a public meeting for cyclists on 3rd September for Auckland Transport to present their plans to upgrade the notorious intersection on Tamaki Drive at Ngapipi  Rd. It’s the worst black spot for cycling in the whole Auckland region.

AT is about to launch a public consultation programme for the project. Because of the intersection’s significance to cyclists, we’re glad you’ll get the chance to hear what options were considered, and why the preferred option of traffic lights has come out tops for cycling and pedestrian safety.

Where – Conference Room, Pioneer Womens’ Hall complex, ground level, 2 Freyberg Place, off High St in the City

When – 6pm Tuesday, 3rd September


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6 responses to “Hear about changes to Tamaki Drive / Ngapipi Road intersection

    1. It is also the busiest road for cycling in Auckland, so that has to be taken into account.

      Apparently Bullock Track / GNR is more dangerous for the individual cyclist, based on some AT research from last year!

      Having said that, it’s logical that you put at least a good chunk of your change where the change will do the most good.

      1. I presume the problem for individual cyclists at the Bullock Track/GNR is going along the GT Nth Rd up the hill towards Grey Lynn. Personally I solve the problem by getting off my bike and walking from MOTAT to the bullock track.What is wrong with avoiding danger by doing a little walking sometimes?

        1. Nothing, if that’s what is needed to make a person feel safe where he/she otherwise doesn’t.

          But it’s not going to get us more people cycling – we don’t make drivers push their cars, not even for a few metres… we barely even accept the need for them to slow down occasionally.

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