Slowly but surely, the Glen Innes to Tāmaki Drive Shared Path (GI2TD) is coming to life. We’ve longed for Te Ara Ki Uta Ki Tai (the path of land and sea) to close a gap in our city’s cycle network, and connect the Eastern suburbs to the city centre. As you know, the 7km route is being completed in four sections. Two of these are complete, one is under construction, and the fourth section wants to hear from you!

That’s right: GI2TD Section 4 is finally at the detailed design stage, so it’s time to have your say.

In your submission, it’s important to express support for the project. GI2TD will be a stunning shared path, hugely popular for family use, as well as the 60% of Aucklanders who want safer cycling. However, under the current proposal, there is no way for people riding or walking from Kepa Road to access the path safely. Your submission should express that some changes are needed.

Here’s our submission guide, making it quick & easy to provide feedback!

Question 1a: 

We recommend you tick “I like the design, but it needs some minor changes”

Question 1b:

We recommend that you express support for the project, and explain that you think it will be great for getting more people on their bikes, and on foot. Feel free to say here how much you are looking forward to this finally happening!

Question 2:

Here, we suggest you also ask for the following changes:

  • The access to the Park & Ride car park at the train station needs to be improved for safety and convenience, for example by placing it on a raised crossing.
  • If that car park crossing is with a traffic signal, then the signal phasing needs to limit delays for the path here, not for the car park.
  • There is no way for people riding or walking from Kepa Road to access the path safely. Added access from near the Kepa Road / Ngapipi Road roundabout is needed.
  • Where there are tighter curves and switchbacks, extra attention must be paid to ensuring that visibility on the path around the curves is free, for the safety of all users.

Questions 3 – 4:

All of these questions can be answered with your personal choice & experiences.

Click here to make a submission.
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