Greenways Map AEThe Greenways concept is really capturing hearts & minds across Auckland, and more and more Local Boards are seeing it as a key feature of their work.

And why not – there’s nothing in transport that is more LOCAL than making it easy to walk and cycle to – or with – your neighbours and friends, and visit the local park, library or shop on foot or bike.

Cycle routes are also wonderful news for local town centres, as people shop much more there if they are easily accessible. People go to the next fruit stall or bakery, instead of a supermarket miles away.

So it is awesome to see that the Albert-Eden Local Board is also developing their own Greenways concept. You can see their map at the right. And if you are from the local area or often visit there, you are invited to provide feedback on the plan.

What we aren’t so sure about – not much information is given – is how many of the new Albert-Eden routes will provide for quality cycling (Greenways routes in our current context usually but not always provide for cycling – sometimes for example, they might include very narrow sections, or stairs). So it would be great if you wrote in and provide support for as many and as high-quality cycleable Greenways as possible.

You can also identify which of the 3 priority routes shown on the map you think should be first off the block to be developed:

P3 Heron Park to Holly Street (in Waterview)
P5 Meola Creek Connection (through northern Mt Albert)
P6 Roy Clements Treeway to Mt Albert War Memorial Reserve (eastern Mt Albert)

Auckland is seeing more and more of these projects. They aren’t well resourced yet – funding remains minimal, compared to roading and motorways. But because cycling infrastructure is so cost-effective, that need not dismay us. Go and support this great initiative!

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7 responses to “Greenways – Getting on board in Albert-Eden

  1. School routes like P3, 5 & 6 should definitely be the priority, but they need to be top quality and well thought out. The school run is a tough nut to crack, with many distracted and hasty users. P3 from Heron Park to Holly Street would be my immediate local hookup, the main benefit of which would be skipping a nasty section of Great North Road & Victor Street to get on the new Oakley Creek route, probably with a child trailer. Has anyone got some experience of P5 & 6 routes?

    1. I live on P5 – its pretty good already, though with some hairy bits if you aren’t confident (such as at the northern end, coming from Pt Chev over Great North Road intersection – Carrington Road itself is pretty good).

  2. I can’t comment on the post about the Ponsonby Rd bike corral but I noticed this post on Cycling in Auckland

    Why isn’t AC simply installing these around the city instead of what appears to be an extremely slow and protracted ‘trial’ on Ponsonby Rd that despite all the talk has yet to have any action.

    1. The Ponsonby Corral is about to be constructed – and while we always would like to see quicker action (who doesn’t?), its not been delayed from the intended construction time as far as we know. CAA has been sent updated design plans – with some minor tweaks we recommended – yesterday.

      1. Thanks for the info Max, I basically meant that the council seem to be choosing to build a rather complicated and IMO ugly looking corral when for significantly less they could simply buy one of these bike corrals and screw in in place in a matter of hours. If the trial is a failure, undo 10 screws and shift it somewhere else all on the same day. The timeline does seemed to have slipped as they originally stated it would be ready in June, now they state construction won’t even start until July sometime.

        1. Hi BBB – wasn’t aware of the timeline slippage, but you are right, it seems tight now for a June construction as discussed in the original letter.

  3. It is great to hear about the Albert-Eden local board’s Greenways. Will they be following a consistent methodology to the Puketapapapa and the Kaipatiki Connections projects?

    In Kaipatiki, the Parks Department is making good progress on walkways within the overall strategic framework. In parallel work is being done on signage within parks following Auckland Council standards. A recent meeting identified further research is needed around signage to link the tracks together. It would be interesting to hear how other areas are looking at integration between Parks and Auckland Transport facilities.

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