Help plan Greenways for Hibiscus and Bays!

Aug 01, 2016
Help plan Greenways for Hibiscus and Bays!

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Ahoy, readers from Hatfields Beach to Campbells Bay, and all the beaches and bays in between including the whole Whangaparaoa Peninsula – here’s a consultation you’ll want to weigh in on… 

The Hibiscus and Bays Local Board is creating a draft network plan for Greenways within the area which considers potential pedestrian, cycle, bridle and other active connections.

Greenways Plans provide an overarching network plan for the establishment of pedestrian and cycling connections and other active and/or recreational means of transport (eg bridleways, scooters etc), interconnecting places such as ecological sites, parks, beaches, landmarks, schools, community facilities, places of work, recreation or town centres. Greenways can follow natural or man-made landscape patterns.

The Greenways Plans are visionary and are a guiding document intended for use by elected members, council staff, community and volunteer groups and private developers.

The Hibiscus and Bays Local Board would like your feedback on where these connections should go and how to improve existing greenways.

The results will help the Local Board with planning over the coming years, as it builds the paths with its own discretionary funding, or by working with Auckland Transport and Auckland Council (Parks or other departments).

In related news, there’s a fresh citywide Greenways design guide on the way in a few months. This will provide a more standardised (and, we hope, more courageous) toolbox; it’ll also clarify how on-road sections of Greenway can be achieved, to enlarge the local network of bikeable streets and destinations. So your feedback now will be all the more worthwhile.

Consultation closes 4pm Monday 8 August 2016. You can consult the very detailed maps (click on the ‘documents’ tab); and here’s the online feedback form.

Header image: Te Ara Tahuna Orewa Estuary loop, by Antoine Pethers – from Bike Friendly North Shore.

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