This Herald story today publicises our goal to get a template for functional covered, secure bike parking at train station and ferry nodes.

A huge amount of money has been spent on bike parking cages at Papatoetoe, Papakura and Birkenhead which are not being used. Ferries are full of bikes at peak hours and we all know capacity is limited or non-existent for bikes to travel on trains full of commuters.  Last time we surveyed on the topic 25% of respondents were interested in combining cycling and train travel, and wanted good bike parking so they can park bikes out of the weather and secure at stations.

Most replies say ‘secure’ means CCTV and a good bike lock. Others tell us they want weather protection. This doesn’t mean walls and locked doors needing special swipe cards.

We’re glad to be working with AT on this bike survey. It’s easy to be critical of what has been done – I’d rather we put our effort into giving clear, courteous directions on what most cyclists want. I do it all the time on behalf of Auckland’s cycling community, and know AT is listening and wants to help us.

I notice the survey info mentions bike lockers for your gear, but doesn’t have a question about this. Sorry! Don’t hold back – tell us what works for you, and ask friends to do the same.

Here’s the survey link.

Complete it this week – remind your mates – PLEASE! 

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One response to “Go to it – reply to bike parking survey by Friday!

  1. The Birkenhead parking facility appears to have been an embarrassing failure.

    Why dont they just remove the doors on the shelter and do away with the card access? Surely that would take a technician an afternoon.

    Then you have instant covered parking that people can use. Does it already have CCTV?

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