Friday 12th February

ET at Silo Cinema & a Bike Love-In

Where: Wynyard Quarter
When: Bike love-in from 5, movie at 9

Dinner and a movie – and bikes. Perfect.

Who doesn’t love ET? You know, the nostalgic science fiction classic in which a gang of unsupervised children fly happily around the neighbourhood on bicycles… plus it’s got a cute space creature in it. Recapture the joyous feeling of blatting around the burbs on BMXs (with aliens) by rocking up on your bike to Silo Cinema’s special screening this Friday.

The movie starts at 9pm, but roll up any time from 5pm. Frocks on Bikes, Bike Auckland, and the fabulous Blend Store will be there to welcome you with a bit of a bike love-in, with prizes and giveaways to sign up for. Why? Cos we love bikes, innit.

The Silo Markets will also be open from 5, with arts, crafts, fashion, accessories, and sweet street food to compose the perfect picnic. Bring your bike, bring a pal, bring a blankie, bring it on.

Any questions? Visit the event page.

Psst – if your ride is a BMX you’ll want to know about this excellent pre-movie meet-up, too.


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