Dustin’ off our megaphone…

On Sunday, the Herald shook its fist on behalf of drivers upset by delays of weeks or months on dozens of delayed road projects across the city.

Road safety campaigner and car reviewer Clive Matthew-Wilson is among the hundreds of motorists frustrated by the daily Onewa Rd bottleneck, saying the delays impacted on commuting times and livelihoods. “These kinds of delays have a profound economic effect. Meetings are missed, things don’t get delivered.”

We get that. Delays are frustrating, even when you know workers are working as fast as they can.

But meanwhile, those of us who also get around on bikes have been patiently waiting years for our safe, connected paths across the city. Sure, exciting projects are being rolled out, and of course we’re glad and grateful for those — but the gaps and deficiencies in our network would drive a motorist to tears within minutes. Where’s our grumpy article in the Herald?

We could be doing so much better for people on bikes, big and small. The unconscionable delay in safe cycle facilities for the bike-to-school demographic is a particular bee in my bonnet. As @perthbiker noted the other day on Twitter, priorities are pretty skew-whiff when it comes to who’s protected on the road, and who’s not. Time to get that sorted, eh?

It’s also time to stand up for ourselves and make some noise. You can start by submitting in favour of the Essential Budget Plan which would triple cycle funding for Auckland over the next decade.

People, this is our Dustin Hoffman moment.

Screen shot from Tootsie

No, no, not that one (that’s just a wee bonus for the road-racers).

This one.

"Hey! I'm walking' here!"
“HEY! I’m walkin’ here!”

And this one, too.

"And you know what - I wanna be biking here!"
“And you know what – my kid and I wanna be biking here!”

So let’s get to it. Dustin says it’s time to put our big-girl pants on and ask, firmly and politely, for what we’re due. We only have until Friday to weigh in the next decade of transport funding in Auckland, so let’s make sure it’s the best it can be for people on bikes. Click on over and make your submission today! 

“Because sweetheart, if you can get more nice ordinary ladies like ME on a bike, you’ll know you’ve made it.”

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