Do you ride from Avondale to Waterview?

Do you ride from Avondale to Waterview?

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… probably most of you do not, considering the current, rather… unfriendly… conditions of Great North Road. Okay, I am joking, conditions there are horrible.

But for those who do ride that route – Auckland Transport is reviewing the traffic light operation along the GNR route between Avondale and Waterview and have invited CAA to comment. The changes will be mostly adjustments to timing & road markings etc… rather than changed infrastructure. However, CAA has already identified a few locations where we will be asking for feeder cycle lanes which might be feasible even with such limited changes. Small fry stuff, but hey, better than a kick in the shins!

So if you have any comments about the traffic signals on the route, between Rosebank Road / Ash Road in Avondale, and Alford Street / GNR in Waterview, please sing out in the comments field below, and we will see if we can advocate for more.

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